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Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Ecuador Changes Coming Fast and Furious
February 16, 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter February 16 2012

Pro-Ecuador Newsletter: Ecuador Changes Coming Fast and Furious

February 16, 2011

View From the Roof: Ecuador is Changing, You Be the Judge. Construction cost increases, new taxes, and other changes bring some things good, some things bad. Isn’t that life?

Ecuador City of the Future planned for Urcuqui area. Ecuador President Correa recently announced the pending construction of the exciting new City of Knowledge to be called Yachay. The city which will eventually house 200,000 people will be built near Urcuqui about 15 - 20 miles from Cotacachi. This revolutionary new project will vastly change northern Ecuador, and perhaps the entire South American Continent.

Conscious Tourism: This idea, which originated in Ecuador, is being expanded. Ecuador will limit the number of visitors to the Galapagos Islands in an effort to encourage positive relationships between visitors and their hosts while also respecting the environment. If you are planning a visit, read the new regulations here.

Ecuador in the Raw—Read this spicy article by Linda about Gary’s secret vice, virtually illegal in the U.S.

Clash of Cultures: What do we do with an old indigenous woman who insists upon grazing her tree-eating sheep on our land? Or workers who decide they can bring in their cattle, mules and pigs without asking us? Lately each time we've been out to our land we've had to deal with invading indigenous, both human and animal.

Cotacachi Real Estate new listing:  Exquisite fully furnished double penthouse condo in Primavera II offers one of the finest luxury apartments in the city.  Check it out.    

Cotacachi/Imbabura Real Estate Tour and Introduction to Ecuador Course:  2 tours--one low price!  Only $299 per person is the price of your ticket for our 3-day real estate tour and our intensive "Introduction to Ecuador workshop."

It’s the most economical, informative and fun way to learn about life and real estate offerings in this area.  You’ll see the best current real estate listings and also learn the real estate buying process so you can invest wisely. We’ve added new tour dates below.
2012 Real Estate Tour dates:
March 17, 18, 19
April 7. 8. 9

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