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Pro-Ecuador correction to Link for Moving To Ecuador: David Beyer Story
February 17, 2009

Moving To Ecuador: David Beyer Story Correction We apologize for telling you about a story with a malfunctioning link in our newsletter mailed earlier today.  Please click on the link at the bottom to take you to David Beyer's story.  Thanks--Gary Phillips

Good News About Ecuador Visas and Immigration  

Ecuador residency visa requirements are changing frequently and recent laws regarding tourist visa renewals are up in the air.  There are some good attorneys, but the process can be difficult, especially without knowing the language..

We are happy to announce the opening of Asesoria Legal, an ex-pat legal services agency in Quito operated by David Beyer, a North American, and his Ecuadorian Associate. 

David's strong interest in law combined with his partner's thorough understanding of
Ecuadorian laws and connection to the immigration department, creates a winning mix of know-how and helpfulness.

David now writes visa and immigration updates and useful information for our Pro-Ecuador blog.  He is available to answer your questions about visas and immigration, as well as to assist with other legal needs you may have, from real estate purchases to buying a car.

Click here for David's story and contact information.

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